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Eagle Aurum Company: 24Karat Gold Investment

Opportunities come and go in life, while some people seize these opportunities and enjoy the benefits without looking back, others simply watch the opportunities pass them by.

LogotipoWhat will you do? If YOU are like most people who are having difficulties reaching their financial goals in today’s tough economy, be rest assured that you are not alone.

We all know how consuming it is to constantly worry about money. Your worries will soon be over and most likely, gone forever if you can choose to use this amazing opportunity to make money effortlessly and authentically.

Permit me to introduce you to a profitable 
24 karat Gold investment 

Eagle Aurum Company



Eagle Aurum is a registered company with its administrative HQ in Valencia, Spain. It was officially launched in the month of July, 2016.

The company is duly registered under the European laws. We have our miner’s in Istanbul, Turkey. There is an advanced plan to have offices in several key countries – Nigeria inclusive.


The company is built on four strong pillars which includes;





The company is into marketing of purest form of precious metals – gold & silver bullion’s bars with purity rating of 999.9%, gold &  silver coins, and other Gold crafted items like pen drive, complimentary cards etc.



This Business Is Captured In This Simple Statement;

Save Your Money In Precious Metals 
Get Paid To Share With Others 
How To Do The Same! 

The Compensation Plan



There Are 7 Levels/Stages In This Business. They Are;

1. Silver Mini           (Argentum Mini)

2. Silver                     (Argentum)

3. Gold Mini             (Aurum Mini)

4. Gold Senior          (Aurum Senior)

5. Gold Master         (Aurum Master)

6. Platinum

7. Millionaire’s Club.

Everyone must start from the Argentum Mini Purchase order (€40) and you will find yourself at the centre of the Circle (The Eagle). It’s a circle made up of 12 cells. When the cell in any stage completely filled, the following happens:

1. The Company Automatically Moves You To The Next Level By Deducting The Prepurchase Amount For That Level From Your Earnings.

2. You Continue To Earn The Full Rewards For All The Previous Levels As You Proceed In The Business.

What this means is that 150 €uros would be deducted from your first earning of 212 €uros on the Silver Mini Level. This is done to move you to the next level; Silver (Argentum) Level. However, you will continue to recieve the €212 repeatedly in full as you go through other levels. The same process applies to other levels too… 

Now, that is what I call AMAZING!


Screenshot_2017-05-31-13-08-56Screenshot_2017-05-31-13-10-30Screenshot_2017-05-31-13-14-10Screenshot_2017-05-31-13-16-24For The Silver Mini, @ NGN 425/€ Your Earning Is 212€ (#90,100)

SILVER. Your Earning Is 790€ (#335,750)

GOLD MINI. Your Earning Is 3,000€ (#1,275,000)

GOLD SENIOR. Your Earning Here Is 12,000€ (#5,100,000)

GOLD MASTER. Your Earning Here Is 53,000€ (#22,525,000)

PLATINUM. Your Earning Here Is 219,000€ (#93,075,000)

MILLIONAIRE’S CLUB. Your Earning Here Is 1Million Euros (#425,000,000)

Screenshot_2017-05-31-13-29-55WHAT IS REQUIRED OF ME?

This Business Is So Easy To Do That Some Of You Here Won’t Believe Me That All You Need To Do Are……

1. Sign Up & Purchase The Silver Mini Order With Just 40€ ( #22k)

2. Bring 3 People Into The Business Who Will Also Invest. You keep moving with your direct 3 people from table to table earning more money than you could ever Imagine

Now you are not also restricted to just having 3 people under you, rather you can also register as many people as possible because that will make your earning from shield to shield much faster regardless of the effort of your initial 3 people in your team.

3. Aspire to have 7 direct referrals (become a Junior Leader)

The company also wants us to take advantage of becoming a junior Leader real fast because of the benefits that accrue to it.

What this means is that if you have 7 people directly registered under you (personally sponsored by you) , and they are able to register their mandatory 3 people each under them.

Automatically you will become a Junior Leader of Eagle Aurum company.

Here are the benefits... 

1. You will earn 0.4% from 1st to 4th generation of every effort made by all members of team without you sweating for it.

2. You will attend online Eagle university for capacity building

3. Every 3 months, the company will gather all junior Leaders of our company from all over the world in a chosen country either in Europe or in America for more training on how you can run your business more professionally.

Our company will take care of your flight ticket, hotel accommodation; also provide you with letter of invitation.

This is just the beginning!!!

4. Lastly as recommended by ERIC MOORE’S “GO PRO”, Success in any MLM industry  is all about duplication of systems. So focus and repeatedly duplicate steps #1-3 above and you’ll blaze past Junior,  Senior, Master and Manager stages to EAGLE in no distant time. 


1. How do I get by rewards? 

You’re paid either in Gold which you could ask to be shipped down to you or cash equivalence (Euros) via Wire transfer to your local bank (Savings/Current/Dormiciliary Account), AdvCash, Bitcoin and other e-currency solutions. 

I would recommend using  Bitcoin or  a dorm. account though.

2. Why Is Eagle Aurum Paying Its Investors?

Simple. You’re Not Just An Investor, You’re Also An Advertiser (you may call it Evangelist Of Eagle Aurum Good Tidings). And Advertisements Cost Huge Money.

The Bonuses (affiliate marketing commissions) In This Business Are Your Slice Of The Huge Advertisements Budget As You Advertise For This Company When You Tell Others About This Amazing Opportunity

3. Is Eagle Aurum A Ponzi Scheme; Will The Company Last; Is My Investment Safe?

Eagle Aurum Is Not A Ponzi Scheme. The Company Has A Verifiable Product Which It Markets. Hence, Its Business Model Is Sound & Your Investment Is Secure.

4. Can I Lose My Investment In This Business?

The Likelihood Of That Happening Is Virtually Zero. In The Unlikely Event That You Can’t Bring 3 People Into The Business, The Value Of Your Silver Which You Bought As Part Of The Registration Package Will Continue To Appreciate

5. Any Tips/Help From joining my team?

Yes! Yes!!  Yes!!!

we have a couple of fool-proof strategy that is easily duplicable to re-produce results. We would take you by the hand, show you the step-by-step until you’re self sulficient then you would pass it down to your team for them to also duplicate it and replicate your success.

Yes there is also team work but only for serious-business-like-minded people only. I wouldn’t promise you spillovers if you’re only interested in the big earnings but not the process (recruiting)

If you’re ready to get your hands dirty (work), together we shall achieve great feats, maxing-out the compensation plan in the shortest time possible… 

Join Us Now!!!


Kindly drop your comments below, thanks for checking out my blog, see you on the other side guys. 😉🍹🍸👍


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