Clickintensitybiz(dot)com (CI): Legit Work from Home RevShare or Scam? 

screenshot_2017-03-15-11-13-32.jpgWhat is Click Intensity?

CLICK INTENSITY is the leading site representation company, Offering site-specific, channel-wide and run-of-network placements, CI deliver results through expert advice and intelligent technology. Our Network is serving 2 billion monthly impressions and reaching over 17 million users worldwide per month. CI partner with top quality web publishers to provide advertisers with targeted ad placements.

Click Intensity has been serving global clients to publish their campaigns across a global network of trusted publishers. A Hong Kong Enterprise registered under the Jurisdiction of The Companies Ordinance Laws of Hong Kong with an experience of Six Years in Online advertising domain.

screenshot_2017-03-15-06-14-53.jpgAn Affiliate Marketing Company working on traditional internet deals/products and global traffic derived through blogs, pages, mobile promotions, email promotions and social networks.

Click Intensity is your ideal work from home program offering a very unique revenue sharing opportunity where active members Get Paid Every 30 Minutes and 48 Times Daily by following a very easy and simple steps.

CI was founded in March,2016 by Nick Johnson (CEO and Head of CI’s affiliate Marketing venture and responsible for creating new products and systems for Click Intensity .)




How Do I Get Paid in Click Intensity?


There Are Primarily 5 Ways To Get Paid In CLick Intensity

1. By Completing Cash Tasks

From Time To Time Whether You Are A Free member or paid member , you will get cash tasks which on completion will give you income.

The $ value per cash task varies from task to task.

Paid members ( members with 1 pack and above) will get more cash tasks versus totally free members as that tells us that paid members are more serious towards using and benefitting from the system.Screenshot_2017-03-15-14-00-49

2 . Earning  From Profit Shares

Each $25 Silver Coin Pack = 1 Profit share in the Company And You Get Paid Till Your $25 Coin Becomes $30 And Expires

The profit share values will vary based on the total gross within the system.

Note: There is no fixed timeline for the profit share to hit $30 on each silver coin pack. It’s a variable component and totally depends on company’s profits via sales of various products offered by Click Intensity hence this would become one of those HYIPs

The maximum number of Silver Coin Packs One Can Have Is 4,000 Pack.

3 . Personally  Referred Member Sales

You earn Flat 10% on all silver coin packs purchased and repurchased by your personally referred members.

However As a member with (a free account only) you will earn 5% on personally referred members and sales.

Obviously, the more your referrals the more you earn-It’s Totally optional though.

There are marketing tools (sales funnel) and training setup for you in the system to help you in magnetic Sponsoring if you’re determined and ready for Action 

4.Team Income

This is where it gets really exciting as now you have a chance to start getting paid from the team up to 7 levels deep also and not just only your personally sponsored members.


This structure along with your profit shares and whatever you are making from the product, service or business you are advertising, you will make a handsome profit very quickly.


5. Backend Sales

Unlike most of the other revenue sharing companies, the beauty of Click Intensity Compensation plan is that you get paid for all purchases and not just on purchase of silver coin packs in the same compensation structure as described above.

Imagine getting paid  when someone 7 levels deep to you buys a premium advertising product like login ads , solo ads , pop-up ads etc from Click Intensity.

This is called honest business and true transparency i.e getting paid on anything and everything sold by the company to your team for the rest of your life based on your qualification level as per the comp plan and not just on purchase of silver coin packs.

How do I Withdraw from Click Intensity?

All your payments in Click Intensity Are In Gold Coins Which You Can Withdraw At Your Will To Your Quicki Pay E Wallet.

screenshot_2017-03-15-11-11-38.jpg1000 Gold Coins = $25
Minimum Amount Required For Withdrawal = $25screenshot_2017-03-15-06-08-48.jpg

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