Great words from Late Muhammed Ali

Think differently

Have a mindset that sets you apart from your competitors. A man who thinks he can do something is miles above the man who has fear in his mind.

Be confident

You have to back yourself, wholeheartedly, relentlessly and without question. Even if you are scared, even if a part of you is uncertain, be confident and fake it until you make it! The more you practice confidence the more it becomes you.

Defy the rules

Challenge the status quo. Rules are set up to restrict and confine, make it your business to go against them. If you play by the rules, you will never be extraordinary.

Stick to your game plan

People may talk badly about you when they see you making choices that aren’t the same as theirs. They may mock you, laugh at you and attempt to bring you down. Stay focused. Know what you are fighting for and stay on track.

Have a bigger vision

Use your success, and your journey towards it, as a vehicle for change. When you work towards something that is bigger than yourself, you are living a purposeful life. Success is not just about what you get, it’s what you give back.

Be prepared to handle anything

Be sharp. You can’t see what lies ahead of you in your life, but you can work hard today to ensure that whatever challenges or hurdles life throws at you, you can handle it.

Show good sportsmanship

No matter what happens, be a good human. Keep your integrity intact. It will help you sleep well at night.

Be determined

It seems cliché, but being determined is absolutely paramount to success. When your journey gets hard, your determination and hard work is what will carry you through. You can’t be the best at what you do if you do not have the capacity to dig deep, find the place in your mind that knows you can succeed, and keep going. “Sometimes will outdoes skill”.

Outsmart your competitor

Find your way into the mind of your competitors. Know them. Understand them. Then you will have the power to conquer them.

Be charismatic

Famous celebrities, musicians, actors and sports people have the power to influence those around them in a charismatic way. When you are likeable, people want to know you, and they also want to listen to you. If you have a purpose and a vision to be successful, practice being the kind of person others want to be around.

Lastly when he was asked about what he’ll be doing after retirement, he has this to say, watch the video below 

Happy New Week guys 




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