Four Corners Alliance Group (4CAG) Online Business



What is Four Corners Alliance Group?

4corners is a new and dynamic online network business in the USA founded by Mr. David Harrison. As a network business 4corners offers people an incredible opportunity to educate themselves financially and also earn money at the same time. Unlike other network businesses, where u carry health or fuel products chasing people to buy before you make money. In 4corners you don’t go around selling products to anyone. Members make sales by downloading books to read.

What Product is 4CORNERS marketing?

4corners just like any other network business has a product to market. But as I said earlier 4corners market financial education sets of books in an ebook or PDF form. Not health or tea products. Just PDF ebooks on financial issues like investment, financial literacy, managing your debt, how to save etc. These books are very valuable and rich to educate every average person on financial matters. So these are the products you are going to have access to download by joining 4corners. You just download them on your device (laptop, phone etc) and read. This is far better and smarter than carrying health products around chasing people to buy. Check out the digital products Here


4corners just like any network business offers it’s members a powerful compensation plan to make money by paying members handsome commission from the sales of the ebooks. A sale in 4corners simply means
1. You have registered someone,
2. Your downlines have registered someone or
3. Your downlines have moved to another level.

Simple as that. So anytime any of the 3 things above happens, you receive a commission. There are three powerful ways you earn money in 4corners but will talk about the best two.
1. Instant commission
2. 100% matching bonus
Others include the “monthly newsletter subscription” for a lifetime residual income.  See the video presentation for details

Instant commission 


This is the commission you receive whenever a sale ( remember the 3 things ) of the book is made in all your 6 levels. You will start at level 1 by just recruiting four people, Only 4 and they also bring 4 each and they also repeat the process. So 4,16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096.

Level 1= $4×4 people, you make $16. $10 is auto deducted and you are upgraded to level 2.

Level 2= $4×16 people, you make $64.
$25 is deducted and you are upgraded to level 3.

Level 3= $10×64 people, you make $640.
$60 is deducted and you are upgradedto level 4.

Level 4= $24×256 people, you make $6,144.
$150 is deducted and you are upgradedto level 5.

Level 5= $60×1024 people, you make $61,440.
$300 is deducted and you are upgraded to level 6.

Level 6= $120×4096 people, you make $491,520

Total commission – $559,824
Total deduction -$550
NB: At each level you get a financial education ebook

So you see how powerful 4corners is. $559,824 in instant’s commission alone. All you need to do is believe, join us and also register just 4 people.. only 4…everyone knows 4 people so anyone can do this.

100% Matching Bonus

Now this is the part that makes 4corners one of the Best Networking Business Bicester ever. You are paid the same money the 4 people (or more)  you directly sponsor receives in the business. Did you hear me? When ever the 4 people you brought into 4corners make any money, you are paid same amount on them on all the levels. Other network marketing companines pay you 5, 10, 15% but 4corners is giving your 100% Matching Bonus on your direct sponsored downlines. This is unbelievable but it’s Realllllll

So when your 4 people make $16 in level 1, you make $16x 4,thus $64 in matching bonus…

when they make $64 in level 2, you make $64×4 also, thus $256…

now when your 4 make $559,824 after level 6 you make $559,824 x 4= $2,239,296 in your pocket. This is incredibly incredible… no MLM business does this…  only 4corners…. so u can see why people are joining 4corners worldwide What if you sponsor more than 4? Let’s say you sponsor 25 and maybe 10 of them make it to level 6, that’ll be $599,824 x 10 which is $5,998,340 in your pocket as 100% Matching Bonus on your 10 direct sponsor. This is fabulous (^_-)

Why should You Join Four Corners Alliance Group Now?

1. Only $18 to join. One time payment. No money from your pocket again.

2. No carrying of health products to chase people. You just download ebooks to read.

3. You withdraw your money every Tuesday, not 2weeks or a month.

4. The Matrix is achievable if you take it seriously like you would your normal job.

5. It can earn you more than your normal job would.

6. You can cash out fast in Bitcoin which happens to be the best financial revolution after the Internet. Your hard earned money is free from devaluation or inflation. It protects your purchasing power.

7. It’s not one of those HYIPs or Ponzi Scam with very unrealistic profits , you’re sure to earn as long as you work for it.

How do I Join Four Corners Alliance Group? 

You can click on the link above or at the end of this post and pay the one-time fee of $18 using:

1. Visa/master card

If you have a bank debit/credit or prepaid visa/master card, you can use to register. The $18 will be deducted by 4corner from your bank accounts. Currently $18 goes for around #8000 depending on the bank you are  using.

2. Solidtrustpay

If you have no visa card, we will register you through an online system called stp. You will pay $18 and we use it to register you.

3. With firstmonie e-wallet

Activate it on your mobile by dialing *894#. Then follow the prompts. Then go to any First Bank PLC and pay in the sum of #6000 into ur e-wallet number. Then use that mobile number to pay online.


Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency in 2009 based on a special encryption technology. It is highly secured and can be used for peer to peer exchange anywhere in the world without any third party financial institution. 

Create a Bitcoin Wallet for free at or and get it funded with at least $19 and you are set to register. There are multiple ways of getting Bitcoin depending on your location and which is convenient for you.

For USA,  Canada, UK –  

For Australia, New Zealand – 

For India –, 

For Philippines – 

For Singapore –

For Malaysia –

For Nigeria And Africa –,  Naira4Dollar.comremittano, luno wallet etc

For Dubai and rest of UAE – 

For Rest of the World –


What do I get after I register? 

Immediately you are registered, you get the following.

1. Your own personal 4corners website and link to register others.

2. You get access to download ur level 1 and subsequent levels ebooks.

How do I make withdrawal?

This is the most important question, 4corners has several ways for you to withdraw your money but I personally think Bitcoin is the most effective and efficient way to cash out your hard earned cash in the business irrespective of your locality.

1. Solidtrustpay (stp)

You will open an stp account once you register. It’s free. Then you withdraw ur money into it and and from there to your bank account. you can also sell it to other 4corners members who wants to register people using stp. they send the money to you through mobile money and you transfer the dollar equivalent to their stp account.

2. To your visa card.

You can withdraw your money to your own bank visa card or MasterCard.

3. Bank accounts/Wire Transfer.

You can withdraw the money straight into your local bank account.

4. From 4corners straight to your mobile money account.

Just dial *894# to activate firstmonie. And then activate the M COMMERCE channel.

5. To your Bitcoin Wallet

Login to your Bitcoin Wallet at, click on “recieve” it’ll give you a barcode or a long strings of alphanumeric about 33 characters starting with “1” as in this 1P2Lc5sYM9mHHPHjxxxR5eFoUWk2kTwxxx. That is your Bitcoin Wallet Address, copy it and insert it when you’re asked on 4CornersAllianceGroup, then type in the amount and voila! The payment would be processed and delivered to your Bitcoin Wallet on the next Tuesday. 

Will I Get Support from the Team When I Join Now? 

Yes, all the support you will need to succeed is given you in 4corners.
1. You will be added to our WhatsApp group to meet all the members after you register. You can ask all questions for clarification and support.

2. You will be able to add the people you want to register to our prospects groups so the top leaders talk to them for you. You just add them and we talk to them for you. Simple as that.

3. You don’t have to do much talking, We’ll give you video presentations that you can share with your potential prospects when they show interest


I am sure you see how easy and profitable 4corners is, if you want to make some extra income for yourself, then I recommend you join us. 4corners is very powerful and can turn your financial situation around. Only $18, and just 4 people, and you will be on your way to financial freedom. If you can’t do this then I don’t know. Come begin your journey to success with 4corners. Remember “the poor people are working hard as the rich people are working smart”

Come work smart in 4corners. Just get back to me lets get started if you are ready to make those earnings your own reality now


Are You READY?


Thanks for checking out my blog, drop your comments below, stay tuned and see you on the other slde Banner


8 thoughts on “Four Corners Alliance Group (4CAG) Online Business”

  1. This is the reality… The world we live in today revolves round NETWORK MARKETING and REFERRAL BUSINESSES

    🔹They say it is not easy.
    🔹They say they can’t SELL.
    🔹They also say they can’t TALK
    🔹They say they are too busy no TIME.
    🔹They say it doesn’t WORK.
    🔹They say you work for the people on TOP. Ok ooo

    The same people studied and invested “four (4) years + X” just to get a job that doesn’t guarantee them Financial Freedom for 35 years of their life time……IS THAT EASY?

    They sell their life, talents, skills, and time to the highest bidder at the expense of their family, but they say they can’t SELL

    They gist in the office, they talk about their bosses, they gossip about their neighbours, talk about sport, and complain about the government/politics, even when they don’t get recognized, YET THEY CANT TALK?

    They invest 8hrs a day for 5days in a week and for 35years making 72800weeks of their life in a job where they retire broke and weak and also 87360hrs on mostly unproductive tasks during the weekends YET THEY ARE BUSY, NO TIME?

    They see, read and hear about successful LEADERS in NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRY who achieved not just financial freedom but residual income for life through building a simple system within 4-5years with less than 40hrs a week yet have enough time to do many important things in their life, plus still able to help as many other people as possible…… Still they wonder if it WORKS?

    You don’t need to be an expert to start up a system.
    Team work makes the difference in MLM


    1. Wow. This is wonderful. I like this too but, sincerely I don’t have such amount for registration now as a student… I like to try this cos I like d system of making money In MLM. I need to make money please. Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You might have noticed that I’m into a couple other MLM with lesser start up cost, send me a PM on WhatsApp +2348064460223 and let’s start from there. Thanks


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