What You Ain’t Told About that Body Pain


According to a study by Omokhodion in SouthEastern Nigeria, the 12 months prevalance of low back pain was estimated to be (44%) while the point prevalance was (39%). Back pain was more prevalant in men (49%) than in women (39%). It was also associated to a history of trauma. The prevalance of back pain was highest among farmers(85%) and lowest among housewives(32%). The prevalance of back pain in this community is comparable to figures obtained in industrialised countries. Thus applicable to you and I in our respective environment; and I’m sure if you take the statistics around you, out of 10 people, about 4 or 5, will have some sort of back pain, that is just it! It is that bad. What are your options then?

A major treatment of not just back pain and complex regional pain syndromes, myogenic pain syndromes, osteoarthrogenic pain, polymalgia rheumatica pain syndromes, has been conservative management and statistic has shown that United States ‘victims’ of back pain have first contacted conservative management, but why? You ask


Conservative management of back pain, so as it is described, includes the pharmacotherapy management and non-operative management which simply put is, pain management with manual therapy or manipulation, whether under anaesthesia or not. It involves procedures like soft tissue mobilization, oscillatory trusts, manipulative thrusts, vertical digital pressures which are diagnostic and therapeutic depending on the aim of their use.

It has been proven to be cost effective – lesser amount charged, less health risk predisposing, and therapeutically efficacious with immediate relief in some cases.

Now what you might never be told is that, that pain you have at your back is due to a condition originating from structures around the affected part, and could be diagnosed with manual tests, and it’s not everytime it gets picked up by an Xray which your physician has pushed for; that the drugs (Ibuprofen, Tramadol, Steroid therapy, et al) is short lived and not a lasting solution; that the decompression surgical schedule for a spinal canal compression syndrome might not be necessary when you meet experts in manual therapy and diagnosis; that the shoulder pain could be a rotator cuff syndrome and requires just a tone up and probably cryotherapy to relieve; that the acute prolapsed disc you’re being billed for a traction can benefit from manual therapy and a cure would be holistic; that your condition might be an anterior sacroiliac joint syndrome and drugs would never take care of it, it might just complicate it, and that your hope for a good diagnosis is manual diagnosis and the treatment manual therapy; that your dizziness as serious and life threatening as it is, probably just needs a canalith repositioning maneuver to get you whole! And that a physiotherapist is your best bet.


In Nigeria, when you mention manual therapy and diagnosis, you mention Physiotherapists not Physicians, I hope you know the difference?
For the lower back pain, for the neck pain, for the shoulder pain, for the knee pain, for that pain anywhere, get a physiotherapist. Fret not, a physiotherapist after thorough assessment may refer you to other specialist when he finds out your pain needs another specialist – maybe in case of cancer or a referred pain from your intestinal organs – WE KNOW BOUNDARIES and work with it in mind always.

So, my dear people, have you been experiencing this intractable pain, have you taken so much pain pills, there is another remedy that has proven effective both in cost and efficacy – Physiotherapy. We evict the cause of pain, we don’t mask pain, we don’t hide pain and we don’t treat pain, we treat the cause of pain.

Israel Adandom
(Manual Therapist)

Source: www.olafeazy.com/2016/04/what-you-aint-told-about-that-body-pain.html?m=1


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