GlobalHelpersAlliance.Com (GHA): Legit or Scam?

The simple fact that you are on this website reading this piece of information simply means that you want to make GOOD MONEY from CHEAP, GENUINE, SIMPLE and LEGITIMATE BUSINESS AND ALSO PUT SMILES ON THE FACES OF THE LESS FORTUNATE ONES.

But the problem most people have is that most of the information they have access to always has one issue or the other. It is either the information is:





What we bring to you is the opposite of what we mentioned in 1 to 4 above…..

The partnership is REAL and GENUINE.INVOLVES VERY Little. CAPITAL.YES.DOES NOT REQUIRE SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE OR QUALIFICATION.Does not require you work all day to make a living

What will you do if you could earn above US $100,000 within the next 180 days without working like a slave from 7am to 7pm?

How will you invest or spend your new income?

» Build a new house?
» Buy a new car?
» Travel on vacation to exotic places?

But if I tell you that with this new partnership you don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on all these things. YES. You heard me, the Global Helpers Alliance provides you with all these and much more.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he – The Bible. Therefore, if you believe that you can make it in life, you are at the right place.

These are no empty promises, they are REAL!

Therefore, the fact that you are reading this vital piece of information simply means that you have dreams and you are ready to bring your dreams into reality.

WELCOME to the world of where paupers are turned to millionaires and millionaires are turned to super rich personalities.

How It Works

Global helpers alliance is an empowerment programme with headquarters in the United States.

Registration is just a token one – time payment of #1, 000 ($5) = One thousand naira only.

It is a system that requires every member to introduce 2 persons each, once any member introduces more than 2 persons ,such extra person(s)will spillover or spill under thereby, making the matrix stages to fill faster with the power of follow your leader principle .

This COMPENSATION INCOME PLAN will allow members to earn from four different stages.
Also,one stage gives rise to the next and they include:
(1)  Assistant manager stage
(2)  Deputy manager stage
(3)  Manager stage
(4)  General manager stage

The chosen compensation plan is in three form thus:
2*2 forced matrix, 2*3 system and
2*6 forced matrix system.

Below are details of how members are rewarded upon completion of a stage and as they move from one stage to another

This is the first stage of the business that every registered member must start with and pass through.
All you need here is a total of 6 persons, meaning ,you get your 2 and your 2 get their 2 each.

You will be qualified to
» Earn = $0
» Automatic movement to deputy manager stage.

You + 2 + 4 =6people ($0)


(2) DEPUTY MANAGER STAGE (2×6 matrix)
The people in your starter point, move down with you.

You will be qualified to earn
» Step out fund        = $255
» Promotion bonus = $50
Total payout = $305
» Automatic movement to manager stage.

» AWARD :- One Tablet


(3)  MANAGER STAGE (2×6 matrix)
The people in your “deputy manager stage” move down with you.

You will be qualified to earn
» Step out fund            = $9,200
» Promotion bonus     = $300
» Travel allowance      = $1000
» Children allowance = $1000
Total payout = $11,500

» AWARD :- Flat Screen Television and A Car (KIA Rio)


(4) GENERAL MANAGER STAGE (2×3 matrix)
The people in your “manager stage”move down with you to complete

You will be qualified to earn
» Step out fund        = $23,000
» Final bonus            = $1000
» Project allowance = $2000
» Travel allowance  = $3000
» House grant          = $15,000
Total payout   = $44,000

» AWARD :- An Hyundai Jeep



1. What does globalhelpersalliance represents?

We desire to render assistance to the less privileged and the poor thereby reducing poverty level.

2. How much do I have to contribute to become a partner?

US$5 OR =N=1,000 ONLY.

3. How many people do I have to introduce?

You are permitted to introduce only 2 people directly

4. How many accounts can I have?

You are permitted to have multiple accounts.
I personally recommend between 3 and 7 accounts meaning every earnings and incentives would be times 3 or 7. Having 7 account will fill the starting 2×2 faster and achieving stage 2 ASAP for a token of #7000 only. I’d advise you do 3 to 7 accounts and let your prospective downlines do the same having minimum of 3 accounts for just #3000 only

5. How do I make contribution and get my benefits?

You pay your partnership contribution using E-WALLET, and receive your benefits with your local bank accounts. Your local bank account is credited on THURSDAYS for withdrawals.

Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is US$50 and 5% charges are deducted.

6. Where is your HEAD OFFICE?

The Head Office is located in USA.


7. How many months would it take me to complete the FOUR stages?

It depends on individual abilities and capabilities. Only you can set your own pace

8. What are the benefits?

The benefits are numerous as explained in the compensation plan.

9. Can I change my Account Details after registration?

NO, you cannot.

10. Assurance that GLOBALHELPERSALLIANCE will not collapse like others?

Be assured that GHA is here to stay and would by the grace of GOD be around for a very long time.

11. Do you have products?

No. But what we sell are services to humanity.

12. Do you accept online payment platforms?


13. Can I use my cash benefits to register other partners?

Yes. You can collect cash from your intending down lines and transfer from your e-wallet for the purpose of registration.

14. Can I re-enter after completing the stage of GENERAL MANAGER?

YES. You re-enter with US$1000.00 only.


Check out Global Helpers Alliance yourself for further information now.


You’ve seen all the benefits and I can assure you it’s no scam and if you see it as a perfect part time work at home job, go for it and you’ll succeed in no distant time but this is probably not for you if and only if…

#1 You’re lazy

You  have to be active in recruiting and building your team and not folding your arms waiting for spill overs from active partners. You’ll sure get spillovers but it’ll probably take you several years to get to stage 4 that is if you don’t quit though

#2 You need quick money very badly

You’ll be getting it all wrong if you take this as one of those get-rich-quick schemes out there, you should rather consider Binary Options or sport betting if you have such appetite for great risks.  If you ask me, I’ll advise you just go out there and get a real paying job, MLM business model is not for you.

#3 You can only share jokes, news, and other stuffs that can’t bring you money with  family, friends, colleagues but too shy to share this with them

#4 You just want to come on board just to dump your $5/N1,000 for fun,  you’d better use it to grab a movie, go for bowling or warevah 😜

For other details regarding how to join our team today and other enquires, feel free and don’t hesitate to use the comment box it’s your friend.

Ready to take action now? Click here to join now!!!  I do hope to welcome you aboard 😉

Contact +2348064460223 (WhatsApp),  BBM 566B675E

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106 thoughts on “GlobalHelpersAlliance.Com (GHA): Legit or Scam?”

  1. Pls boss,i am a registered member n want 2 buy d e-pin in bulk for 24 persons can u pls sent me d contact of whom i wil directly dis 4rm i.e d company agent



      What is epin?

      E-pins are codes generated electronically to represent the currency for a particular online transaction

      This means that the company collects your money (in this GHA case 5 dollars) and give you codes for registration. These codes represent your 5 dollars

      To generate e pins…

      You must ensure u have upto 5 dollars in ur ewallet first.

      On ur backoffice locate REQUEST FOR E PIN and click on it.

      Click on generate epin, the following will appear
      1. Username – The system already selected this for you
      2. Total available balance – The system will show ur ewallet balance here
      3. Pin type – Select the pin type which in this case is REGISTRATION PACKAGE
      4. Pin amount – put the amount e. g 1 e pin =5 dollars (if u need 2 e-pins that will be 10 dollars etc)
      5. Total epin – How many e-pins do u want to generate, put it here.
      6. Finally click generate, the corresponding number of e-pins will be generated for you.

      NOTE : The GHA site is user friendly, but you must not be in a hurry to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Just calm down.

      Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
      The Admins
      *To purchase e-pins*

      L. O Gabriel Services Ltd, Acct no: 1014531236
      Zenith bank…
      African Rep bank details

      08073546337 (African Rep number)
      You can pay in directly for ur epins

      Use ur username as name of depositor.

      After payment send him a text with ur username and amount paid.

      When u buy e-wallets from him, check ur balance, if not there check unused pins.

      If u dont want to do it directly, you can go through the admins.

      It is very simple, easier than the initial process

      To register someone now on the new site using the epin system, follow the instructions below

      1. Ensure you have generated e-pins or at least bought epins from someone who has

      2. Log on to GHA website, on the homepage;

      3. Click on Join us

      4. Follow the prompt, your username or the username of the intended upline, should be put as the sponsor

      Then put the pin number and the serial number in the spaces provided.(NB: pin number and serial number come together when you generate e pin, and note that it’s the serial number that starts with “GHA…”).

      5. Click on send

      As soon as your pin is confirmed as sucessful, another page will open where you fill in the details of the person you want to register. When you finish click submit.
      That is all about the new registration procedure.
      Isn’t it wonderful?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow wonderful job. Also a GHA client and earning. I need to know, when you register someone and d person looses interest or is just lazy to work and u wanna take over the account and refund him or her. How do I go about that?


    1. There must have been mutual consent from all parties involved. Then the account holder would have to release his/her password, You’ll login and edit the details, change the password, etc but you can’t change the username. It can not be undone

      Thanks for checking out my blog


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