The Law of Diminishing Intents

I’m pretty sure by now, many a folk knows about the “law of diminished returns” in Economics and related subjects together with the long list of other related fields where the concept applies.

I’ll try to explain this concept with a hungry young man with a ferocious appetite. He’s given a sumptuously sumptuous “koret apu n oha soup” to quench the hunger and he probably said in his mind “let me devour this very quickly”. He takes the first five morsels and swallowing each bolus with all alacrity followed by the next and next morsel in quick successions. It gets to a point where his propensity to consume is at maximum (Climax, Peak), then begins to take every other morsel at a very slow pace until he drops his fork or wash his hands…. That’s the whole concept explained with what one can relate with.

Now, law of diminishing intents simply put is that excitement and passion you’ve always had when you do have a new intension, vision, business ideas, etc., you lived with it for a while but ‘cos you never took any steps (action) towards achieving it, the excitement and passion begins to decline, die-out, regress until you’re back to square zero.

Many a time, someone would say “how i wish i could have a library as yours” Why don’t you start by buying the first book? “How I wish I could be in shape” Why not get on the floor and do your first push up or sit up? “In 2015, I’ll make a billion” Why not start with making thousands already? At least you’d first be a “thousand-naire” before you’d become a billionaire. “I will be a reader” why don’t you start with the first page?, “I need to start writing books” why not start by writing the very first page?

We do have a whole list of beautiful intensions but those never see the light of the day ‘cos of many reasons. You probably have listened to a couple of motivational speeches, read a couple as well, they could go on and on talking about desire, determination, discipline etc. Those are important I agree but the main reason why those intents, ideas etc. became diminished is because we failed to take Action.

Yes! we failed to take actions. We weren’t ready to see thoughts, intensions and words being forged into action and that’s why we procrastinate until the desired die out. Some even added there’s a need to come up with a foolproof plan before starting but they’ll keep on planning for weeks, months until it done on them it’s another new year. We procrastinate because we’re so lazy. Let me say this, every compos mentis homo sapiens is lazy without any exception and that’s the truth. Even the hardworking dudes were once very lazy ‘cos that’s the human nature. The natural being loves and seeks comfort, pleasure, leisure, fun, apathy to work etc.

So what’s makes the difference? you may ask, the different between you and that hardworking friend is “Will-Power”. Willpower simply put is your unwavering strength of will to carry out your beautiful intents. The lazy folks have very low willpower, so overcoming the natural comfort-loving nature is difficult whereas the seemingly hardworking folks have been able to tweak their willpower to a level that it’s just about sufficient to overcome their innate laziness

On a final note, someone once said “it’s pertinent that I fast and pray for three days against the spirit of procrastination” “hmmm I think I’ll start tomorrow” he said 😀 and tomorrow never came. Next time you want to get something done, just get on with it instantly! before the Law of Diminishing Intents sets in and you’d gradually lose the beautiful intents, ideas, passion, interests, desires, wishes etc. It’s deceit to want a perfect foolproof plan, wanting everything to just be set (perfect, right) before starting. Things would never be perfect and my dear if it were possible that it everything became perfect, the passion to pursue and carry on would have gone, the burning fire of intension has burned-out. Don’t live 2016 like every other year, it’s never too late to start taking reasonable action now! Thank for reading through lines buddies


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